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Recently Played Classics!

  • Margaret Becker: "I Commit"
  • Scott Wesley Brown: "I'm Not Religious I Just Love The Lord"
  • The Darins: "All Along the Road"
  • Tonio K.: "Perfect World"
  • Cheri Keaggy: "Make My Life An Altar"
  • Daniel Band: "In My Mind"
  • Stryper: "Honestly"
  • Ken Tamplin: "Testify"
  • Paul Davis: "Do Right"
  • Greg Long: "What a Friend"
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    • Rick Elias Went Home
      In case you haven’t heard, Rick Elias has crossed the
    • Away WeGo! is excited to announce the partnership with a brand
    • Rick Elias Health
      It has been confirmed that Rick Elias has terminal cancer. 
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    • Andrew From Florida
      Mike, thumbs WAY UP for taking a stand against all of this liberal insanity in your editorial on the air just now. Thank God a Christian has the nerve to make bold statements like that & not be afraid or a wimp because it is “mean” or doesn’t sound Christian. TOO many believers don’t have the guts to be out Continue Reading
    • Julie From Kentucky
      We are also profusely grateful for this station and its willingness and drive to serve. My husband and I are both musicians and worship leaders and the music played here is a life link to our hearts, thanks again Y’all—His grace and peace to all, in running the race and continue on the journey to the end.
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