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The music

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The music

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What Listeners are Saying

  • Celieta from Czech Republic
    ..."I just found this station. I live in Prague, Czech Republic. I had a big smile when Big Fish came on. One of my favorites, but haven't heard it in years! Thanks for choosing a great mix of Christian music."
  • Donny from Suriname, South America
    ..."Enjoying the Christian Classic tunes right now...keep it going, the good going...Greetings from Suriname, South America"
  • Tony from California
    ..."What an incredible blessing to be able to listen to some of my favorite classic Christian songs!  Some of the stations today only play the newer songs over and over and it is so refreshing to hear these wonderful songs again. Thanks Classic Christian 247!"
  • Andrew From Florida
    ..."Mike, thumbs WAY UP for taking a stand against all of this liberal insanity in your editorial on the air just now. Thank God a Christian has the nerve to make bold statements like that & not be afraid or a wimp because it is "mean" or doesn't sound Christian. TOO many believers don't have the guts to be out on a limb alone & even take hits from other "Christians" because they don't play it safe or don't want to offend anyone."
  • Andrew From Florida
    ..."Once again you have the guts to state the obvious that few if any other Christian stations, DJs, etc., even politicians will say out loud. I know you will be criticized by some for being "TOO political", but who freaking cares! Someone needs to say it & not care what others think or where the chips may fall. GOD BLESS you for your strong & CORRECT stance on this serious matter. America needs to return to Jesus & COMMON SENSE!"
  • John from Florida
    ..."I have only been listening a few months, but I really appreciate your station. Congratulations on six years of broadcasting. Thank you for all of your efforts. I am looking forward to listening well into the future."