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Mike Schlote

Mike Schlote (a.k.a. “The SchloMan”) started down the radio road back in 1993 when he landed his first job at a jazz station in Cedar Rapids, IA.  Since then, he has also worked at stations in Illinois and Florida.

He is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute in Chicago with a degree in Christian Education/Youth Ministry and a graduate of Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids with a degree in Communications/Broadcasting.

Mike and his family live on a ridge in the Ozarks where he owns and operates his VoiceHangar studio.  That is where he hosts “Mike at the Mic.”  He and his wife have five children (four girls and one boy).  The oldest two are married and God has since blessed them with a grandson!

One of Mike’s passions is the pursuit of Truth.  He loves to help people determine WHAT they believe and WHY they believe it.  He loves to do his part in “eradicating the cancer of unchecked opinion.”

He is not afraid to talk about things not often heard on “Christian” radio stations.  He believes that since the world doesn’t shy away from sharing a secular opinion, Christians should be ready and willing to share Biblical opinions.

During the warm months, you may see Mike at an air show or a car show…or working on his house.

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What People Are Saying

  • Niels from Denmark
    …”Hi, I just got knowledge about this radio station.. It has been played here near 20 hours every day the last week. Thanks.. With prayer for all of you.” 0
  • Andrew From Florida
    …”Mike, thumbs WAY UP for taking a stand against all of this liberal insanity in your editorial on the air just now. Thank God a Christian has the nerve to make bold statements like that & not be afraid or a wimp because it is “mean” or doesn’t sound Christian. TOO many believers don’t have the guts to be out Continue Reading