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Guard the Trust

Thoughts about the seriousness of sound doctrine and the dangers of elevating “love.” For the Love of Doctrine

Back in the Saddle!

I am so excited to get back behind the microphone.  I have missed you guys more than you know.  After a long time away to relocate and build a new studio, things are finally ready for action.If you are able to listen, I welcome you with open arms.  We’ll play all the classics you love and we’ll get back to Continue Reading

Ready for Another Week?

It’s another week! I hope your weekend was ‘good’ in the sense that God used those days to draw you closer to His Son. Lots of great music to play during “Mike at the Mic” today.  I love it that we can share life together for three hours a day.  Fill out the form below to let me know that Continue Reading

Shine the Light

I want to share YOUR good news with the best listeners in the world!  We are deluged with darkness right now and we have the opportunity to inject some light into a world that so desperately needs it. Please take some time to share how God is using this very disturbing time in human history to show you His goodness!  Continue Reading

Coronavirus Map

I mentioned this on my show this week, but am just now getting to the post.  Here is an interactive map that illustrates the current (reported) spread of COVID-19, more commonly called the Coronavirus.

Taking Time to Rest

Hello to the Best Listeners in the World, Just a note to say that I am going to spend some extra time resting instead of hosting a show today.  Although I can tell that the aches and fever are subsiding, I have decided to stay away from the microphone today and take things easy.  Sorry I won’t be joining you, Continue Reading

Beast Mode

Here is the story I read on the radio today.  So glad there were no fatalities!

I Am Thankful!

First of all, let me tell you how thankful I am that God has brought us together.  He is sovereign and good…and He allowed our lives to intersect at this moment in time.  It is such an honor to be with you each day and to get to know you. As we approach Thanksgiving, would you take a moment to Continue Reading

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