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John DeGroff Interview

I had a phone conversation with John DeGroff recently.  John is one of the four founding members of Petra.  He is also a member of GHF and has recently released a cd called SALT.  We talked for quite a while and I will play portions of our conversation on tomorrow’s show (Tuesday 7/31) during the 11a hour (Central Time).  I Continue Reading

Freedom and Sacrifice

Here in America, we look at Memorial Day from many different perspectives.  It symbolizes the unofficial beginning of summer.  It usually includes time with family and something being cooked outside.  It means many of us get a long weekend, too, which is nice! It seems that we lose ourselves in the non-essentials, while ignoring what really matters.  As nice as Continue Reading

Jumping Ship

Well, you’ve heard me talking about it for a while.  I finally pulled the trigger and ditched Windows…on TWO computers.  I decided to learn how Linux works and install it on a new laptop (which came with Windows 10) and an old computer that we use for family things (which ran Windows 7).  Just a bit scary to make the Continue Reading

Free Software!

If you have listened to my show for any length of time, you probably know that I love finding new FREE software.  There are brilliant minds all around this world who have created programs that have the potential to really help us.  One of my absolute favorite programs is called e-Sword.  It is a completely free Bible study program available Continue Reading

George Washington

It seems that people are very willing to believe something if it is repeated often enough. It seems that people are very willing to believe something if it is repeated often enough. It seems that people are very willing to believe something if it is repeated often enough. That is a real danger to any nation or culture.  In fact, Continue Reading

Once in a Blue Moon

Are you able to view the total lunar eclipse this morning?  The west coast of the USA has a wonderful opportunity to see the handiwork of God…right now (7:15a Central). What a Creator we have! Here is a link to watch the event live online. Watch this video on YouTube

Time to Stand Firm

I posted this on my personal Facebook profile the other day, but I wanted to share it with you right here. I think we are living in perilous times within the body of Christ, due to increased willingness to absorb false teachings. What does Scripture say about this? Thank you for reading! As the world creeps into the church, we Continue Reading

I Believe I Can Flu

I thought I would share the link to the CDC information I discussed on the show today.  If you never knew the difference between A, B, C, and D when it comes to the flu…or what the H and N mean when you hear H1N1, this will help explain. How have you been this year?  Anybody you know affected Continue Reading

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